UnCo Basics

UnCo is an innovative retailer that curates capsule essentials for the modern professional. UnCo works exclusively with independent brands and designers from North America to curate small piece capsule boxes. The company operates off a pre-sale model and only sells twice a year: SS & FW.

Our mission is to change the way how people consume clothes and to empower individuals to do more with less and spend more time on what really matters.
In the current fast fashion cycle, there are nearly 52+ seasons in a year. UnCo’s name actually orginged from a shortened variation of “ the UnCompany” meaning we wanted to do everything and anything opposite from the traditional business model. We want to change the consumer norm and encourage people to purchase only what they need.
The pre-sale model allows UnCo to accurately project how much inventory is needed for orders and allows our brand partners to produce only what is needed. The traditional method in retail is to buy inventory from vendors based on projections, then the retailer has to sell what they have bought without knowing how much is needed. This relationship puts pressure on the retailer and the customer to purchase in high quantities else the garments go to waste in a landfill or the retailer lose money.
Since we operate on a pre-sale model, once the pre-selling season is almost complete the orders will then be placed with our brand partners and production will happen. The production timeline is 6-8 weeks, and then once all the garments are shipped to Toronto, Canada capsule boxes will then be distributed to our customers!
We only ship within North America, right now!
No, but yes! We do not have a permanent location, but we do currently have a temp. Showroom downtown Toronto, in the historic fashion district. Check out our events page for more info.

UnCo Fair Policy

If you don’t like your garments after purchase shoot us an email: and we will figure out a solution that works for everyone!
Most challenges with clothing is actually around the fit, versus if you do or don’t like something. If something is just too big, no stress- get it tailored and then send us the bill!
We will cover up to $100.00 of alternations per capsule box. Email for more details!
We have a 100% promise policy, which means dependent on the issue, we will do everything in our power to fix the problem. If all options have been tried and you are still left unsatisfied we will offer a partial refund and full refunds where necessary.

Any quality issues with the garments, you will have to go right to the designer and they will provide any necessary changes or issues. UnCo will be happy to facilitate this conversations if you need assistance!!
Long as we are alive as a company!!