How UnCo Works

Effortlessly build your first capsule box.
Your next capsule box will be even easier.

Build your own capsule box


Create your capsule profile

The first step is simply answering questions about your fit, style and capsule size.


See recommended pieces

Next we recommend pieces based on the questions you’ve just answered.


Fill your capsule box

Choose to use these recommendations or build your capsule box from scratch.


Place your presale order

You can order your SS18 capsule through our pre-sale period from March 8th-April 5th. After the final week of our pre-sale season, production orders are placed and the turnaround time is 6-8 weeks. Check out our QA for more information!


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Choose up to 4 garments with our classics package. This is your gateway into the capsule wardrobe lifestyle.

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Choose up to 8 garments with our staples package. You're on your way to a full closet of versatile pieces.

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Choose up to 15 garments with our essentials package. Live the capsule wardrobe lifestyle with a full closet.

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Independent Brands & Designers

We believe collaboration is the new competition and we decided to partner up with the best independent brands and designers in North America to curate the best selection of pieces for your capsule box. We align our brands with our ethos, and make sure our collaborative effort is providing the absolutely best selection to our customers.

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And many more.

The Benefits of UnCo

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We work with the best independent brands and designers in North America. All of our partners go through a vetting process to ensure responsible production and support and align our mission.

Clothes how

Truly embrace the #ModernMinimalist lifestyle, with a closet that contains elegant sophisticated essential pieces. Join the community of entrepreneurial women who spend their time living with intention and changing the world.

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Spend less time deciding what to wear. You make thousands of decisions throughout your day, don’t let getting dressed become a stress.

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We work with you to create a wardrobe that fits your needs and will last. We take the time to get to know each and every client, ensuring every piece is versatile and fits your lifestyle.