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During my 2nd year of university, when I was supposed to be studying I came across this Youtube video about sweatshop fires happening in Bangladesh. After watching that video, it really triggered something inside of me and I started to do all this research about the fashion industry, and as I started to learn more, I was blown away by the overwhelmingly negative impacts that the industry not only had on people but also the environment.

A little bit about me; I am actually adopted from China and growing up I always had this sense of gratefulness as I knew despite the personal adversity I was experiencing in life at the time someone else in the world was probably experiencing something worst. I just knew I had to do something in this life to contribute back to the world positively… as I know if I never came here to Canada my realties would be a lot different.

So, in 2015, I got 20 of my friends together in a study room told them I wanted to create a sustainable t-shirt company where we knew were our clothes were coming from and to show young people that we must have a sustainable future that considered both people and the planet.

Fast forward and after running that company for 2.5 years, I came to the conclusion that the core of the problem I was trying to solve, wasn’t just knowing where your clothes come from but the root of the problem is consumption, and how much we consume as a society, and that is why manufacturing processes are expedited as quickly and as cheaply as possible.

That’s when in early 2017 I decided to close that t-shirt company down and create UnCo.

UnCo’s mission is to change the way how people consume clothes and to empower individuals to do more with less and spend more time on what really matters.

Our mission is at the core of who we are and how we do things, we believe in a collaborative approach to doing business and believe in coming up with innovative -systematic approaches to a more mindful & sustainable way of living. We value community, consciousness and collaboration and believe women should feel empowered in their wardrobes and focus their energies on what really matters to them. We are are less than 1 year old, and still have so much to learn, but we wouldn’t be here without the entire UnCo community and team--so thank you for being apart of this journey and excited to keeping show you what’s next.

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Kim sig Kim Kirton
Co-Founder, UnCo

Founded in 2017 by Kim Kirton and Jaclyn Patterson, UnCo is headquartered in downtown Toronto, Canada. The initial goal was to help women reduce the time and stress associated with getting dressed every morning and to do more, with less using the capsule wardrobe model. A year later the company as transformed it’s solution and continues to focus on bringing forth an accessible and circular economy solution that allows people to experience a more mindful and sustainable way of living.

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