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Curated by our team and sourced from the best independent & responsibly made brands in North America. Capsule boxes filled with your favourite staples and learn how less can be more with our personalized styling experience.

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Create your capsule profile

The first step is simply answering questions about your fit, style and capsule size.


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Next we recommend pieces based on the questions you’ve just answered.


Fill your capsule box

Choose to use these recommendations or build your capsule box from scratch.


Place your presale order

You can order your SS18 capsule through our pre-sale period from March 8th-April 5th. After the final week of our pre-sale season, production orders are placed and the turnaround time is 6-8 weeks. Check out our QA for more information!

We’re simplifying the wardrobe-curation experience

Support emerging designers and independent brands.
Responsibly made garments and less is more shopping experience.
Less time deciding what to wear and more time on what really matters.
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Enjoy the benefits of a #ModernMinimalist lifestyle, a closet filled with only pieces you love.

Collaboration Is Key

We believe collaboration is the new competition. It’s time to let emerging female designers and forward-thinking entrepreneurial women shine. Learn more about the brands we work with and our vetting process!


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People are loving their capsules

Testimonial 1

"...You guys really hit the nail on the head when it comes to my overall style. The colours are SO ME, the minimal/modern simplicity of everything is SO ME, and I am so impressed with the overall quality of all the items, and the attention to detail."

Kayley Reed
Founder of Self-care Sunday

Testimonial 2

"I loved nearly every piece in my box and the quality of each piece is outstanding. I feel so proud to support emerging designers and brands. The overall experience compliments my minimalist lifestyle goals and allows me to save time for more important decisions in life vs. what to wear."

CEO of Tease Tea

Testimonial 3

"I have received so many compliments on my UnCo capsule for the clothing’s quality and stylish presentation. UnCo worked with me to make sure I loved the pieces I received, and that they fit both my lifestyle and my personal style."

Sarah Robinson
Principal of Rainwatch Consulting